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God's profoundest peons

"The leaves shifted in a million spangles down the pale corridors and Glanton took one and turned it like a tiny fan by its stem and held it and let it fall and its perfection was not lost on him." — Blood Meridian

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I can relate to this


I can relate to this

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Story of my life


Story of my life

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It’s a cute little thing though.

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This is an important moment in history.

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the levels of frustration are high

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It’ll be just like in the movies. Pretending to be somebody else.

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Vini Reilly, by the way, is waaay overdue a revival… you might want to think about a greatest hits. 

Happy Easter

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cruellest month? no. i meant april is the COOLEST month. party hard

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I was so focused on pouring myself into you that I forgot I was becoming empty along the way.

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2x04 | 4x02

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